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Materials and Construction:

All tarp systems are available in your choice of fabric weight, length and width.

Any tarp material can be used, however nylon mesh is suggested for its durability.

Choose from our standard tarpaulin fabrics:

  • Mesh (for most loose, aggregate loads)'Interlocked' Nylon Mesh tarp fabric sample
    The nylon mesh is interlocked for added strength and resistance to "running" in the event the material is punctured.


  • Heat resistant nylon (for covering hot asphalt truck loads) Heat resistant nylon tarp fabric sample
    This tough and durable nylon tarp fabric is specially designed for withstanding high temperatures.   It is the tarp fabric of choice for covering hot asphalt truck loads.

The tarp itself has a 3 inch 'pocket' stitched on each end.  If one end becomes frayed or worn, the tarp can be reversed to get twice the the wear out of your tarp material. 

The tarping system is designed to be operated manually in less than one minute.  To extend or retract the tarp, the operator simply pulls a rope which is secured along side the driver's door when the tarp is not in use, and is tied to hooks on the tail gate when a load is tarped.

All TARP IT tarping systems are custom sized for each truck. Two measurements are needed to complete a tarp order:

  1. The width of the truck bed
    (Brackets, included with the tarp system, can be bolted or welded to the truck bed.  Drilling or minor tack welding is required.  Welding assistance is available in the greater Phoenix area.  Contact us for installation details. Click here for more information regarding installation.)

  2. The length of the truck bed
    All tarps are custom fabricated to order.  Just let us know how wide and how long, and we'll provide a custom fitted TARP IT system for your truck or trailer.

For more information about how to measure your truck for a perfect fit, please Click Here or complete our online request form. We will contact you with exact pricing information and measuring instructions.

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